The Evolution of Aviation Communications: From CNS/ATM to FANS and Beyond

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[1]SITA and ARINC are the main providers of the ACARS data link service.

[2]The main requirements that describe these systems are included in: ICAO Technical Manual, document 9705, Eurocae ED-110B/RTCA DO-280B and Eurocae ED-120/RTCA DO-290. For its part, the FANS 1/A standard is described in ARINC 622 and Eurocae ED-100/RTCA DO-258.

[3]The models that equip it are: A319, A320 and A321 and the first companies to install it in their respective fleets have been Finnair , Aeroflot and Alitalia .

[4]Elementary surveillance (ELS) provides technical and functional improvements and enhanced surveillance (EHS) provides added value at the operational level, since it improves ATC situational awareness, reduces the workload per aircraft in communications and improves flight safety.

[5]In accordance with the recently published European Commission regulation 29/2009, a deadline of February 2015 is set for all aircraft planning to fly above FL285 in the area designated as Link 2000+ to be suitably equipped. And starting in 2011, all aircraft that receive their first airworthiness certificate must be equipped to operate data link services.

[6]In Mongolia it is being installed instead of route radars, which gives an idea of its potential.