Cabin Crew

General Information for and about Cabin Crew Personnel

The Cabin Crew

The role of a “Flight Assistant” is derived from a similar position on ships or passenger trains. It is known that the first Flight Attendant in early civil transport aviation was German citizen Heinrich Kubis in 1912 aboard theDELAG Zeppelin LZ 10 Schwaben, Kubis. The origin of this helper or flight attendant is not very […]

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Licenses granted to Aeronautical Personnel

In aviation, the document titled “Aeronautical License or Certificate” is what guarantees the Aptitude of a person to perform work related to Evaluation, Training, Control, Maintenance, Operation, Supervision and Service in Flight or ground, in functions related to aircraft, and additionally to operate a Drone. To have an “Aeronautical License or Certificate” is a fact

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