Licenses granted to Aeronautical Personnel

In aviation, the document titled “Aeronautical License or Certificate” is what guarantees the Aptitude of a person to perform work related to Evaluation, Training, Control, Maintenance, Operation, Supervision and Service in Flight or ground, in functions related to aircraft, and additionally to operate a Drone.

To have an “Aeronautical License or Certificate” is a fact of great relevance, for the holder in Civil Aviation, since to obtain it; First this person must meet specific requirements of Aptitude, Knowledge, Experience, Skills and demonstrate that he has good Physical and Mental Health, Second he must submit a series of tests and examinations in the Department “PEL” of the Civil Aviation Authority of his country, to be granted such document, and finally he must maintain the pro-efficiency of his tasks through more training and evaluations.

We could say that the “Aeronautical License or Certificate” in Civil Aviation is the equivalent to what the Degree or Diploma means for an Engineer, Doctor, Nurse, Architect, etc.. Although these Degrees belong to the formal education and the aeronautical licenses are granted by a process of professional technical education, they possess similar commitment in the aspect of professional development.