Flight Dispatcher

General Information for and about Flight Dispatcher Personnel.

Part of a Dispatcher’s duties include

In addition to providing a flight following service and advising pilots if conditions change, dispatchers share legal responsibility with the aircraft commander in the Joint Responsibility Dispatch System. Part of a Dispatcher’s duties include: Calculations of: Coordination of: Analysis of: Verification of: In addition you must communicate to the aircraft captain during a pre-flight meeting […]

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The Flight Dispatcher

The Flight Dispatcher has been an important part of the history of commercial aviation since its inception.  As World War I drew to a close, a new business model in the transportation of passengers, cargo and mail by air saw its beginnings. In 1918, Commercial and Transportation Aviation was on its way to establishing itself

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Licenses granted to Aeronautical Personnel

In aviation, the document titled “Aeronautical License or Certificate” is what guarantees the Aptitude of a person to perform work related to Evaluation, Training, Control, Maintenance, Operation, Supervision and Service in Flight or ground, in functions related to aircraft, and additionally to operate a Drone. To have an “Aeronautical License or Certificate” is a fact

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